Genus Monopsis Spinola, 1839

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Family Tropiduchidae Stål, 1866

Subfamily Tambiniinae Kirkaldy, 1907

Tribe Remosini Fennah, 1982
Genus Monopsis Spinola, 1839

Type species (in original combination): Monopsis tabida Spinola, 1839.




Presumably Caribbean (Dominican Republic).

Recognized species

There are 1 species currently in the genus [See Metcalf 1954: 94].

Monopsis tabida Spinola, 1839 – Dominican Republic? (Reported in error: USA: FL, Cuba) (original description reports from the US)

Monopsis sinica Walker, 1851: 327 – [Hong Kong] to Kallitaxila sinica (Walker, 1851) by Yang et al. 1989: 85.
= Monopsis viridicans Stål, 1859: 281; syn by Melichar 1914: 142

Economic Importance


Known host plants


Hosts from Wilson et al. (1994); plant names from USDA PLANTS or Tropicos.


Not verified from the U.S. (genus doubtfully distinct from Neurotmeta according to Metcalf & Bruner 1930, Fennah 1945).

Features: median carina of frons present; lateral fields of pronotum about as wide as median fields (vs. Pelitropis); vertex longer than broad (vs. Tangia breviceps); forewings with M forking 1/3 from base (vs. Neurotmenta).

No photos of confirmed Monopsis available! (no confirmed specimens seen, not confirmed since original description).

Monopsis is not on Bugguide.


Presumably at lights or beating.

Molecular resources

As of this writing, molecular data is not available for Monopis (the insect, not the plant) on Genbank or on Barcode of Life (the organisms in this genus on both sites are plants).

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