Genus Colpoptera Burmeister, 1835

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Family Nogodinidae Melichar, 1898

Subfamily Colpopterinae Gnezdilov 2003

Tribe Colpopterini Gnezdilov, 2003

Genus Colpoptera Burmeister, 1835.

Type species (in original combination): Colpoptera sinuata Burmeister, 1835

  • Hesperophara Kirkaldy, 1904: 279 (Type species Flata rustica Fabricius, 1803: 53); replacement name for unavailable Leptophara Stål, 1869 (nec Billberg); syn. by Gnezdilov & O’Brien 2008: 21.
  • Leptophara Stål, 1869: 102 (nec. Billberg 1820) (Type Flata rustica Fabricius, 1803); replaced by Hesperophara by Kirkaldy 1904: 279.

Widespread in Neotropics; 1 species adventive species in Florida.

Distribution of Colpoptera from Flow

Distribution of Colpoptera from FLOW (as of 22 Dec 2020).

Recognized species

There are 22 species currently in this genus (this from unpublished list by Lois O’Brien) [see Metcalf 1958: 202]

(Distribution records may be incomplete)

Colpoptera acutata Caldwell 1945:114 – Mexico (Oaxaca)
Colpoptera albavenosa Caldwell 1945:113 – Mexico (San Luis Potosí)
Colpoptera bifurcata Caldwell 1945:116 – Mexico (Oaxaca, Sonora, Veracruz)
Colpoptera brunnea Muir 1924:465 (see also Caldwell & Martorell 1951: 255 as Colpoptera brunneus) – Puerto Rico
Colpoptera caldwelli Metcalf 1958:205 – Mexico (Guanajuato)
Colpoptera carinata Caldwell 1945:116, pl.4 (not C. maculifrons carinata Dozier 1936) by Metcalf 1958.
= Colpoptera caldwelli Metcalf 1958: 205, new name for unavailable Colpoptera carinata Caldwell 1945.
Colpoptera carlota Myers, 1928 moved to Caudibeccus Gnezdilov & O’Brien 2008 (by Gnezdilov & O’Brien 2008: 22).
Colpoptera chrysops Fennah, 1955: 33 moved to Jamaha Gnezdilov & O’Brien, 2008 (by Gnezdilov & O’Brien 2008: 25)
Colpoptera clerodendri Dozier 1931:19 – Haiti
Colpoptera cyatheae Fennah 1955:26 – St. Lucia
Colpoptera elevans (Walker, 1858:335) moved to Jamaha Gnezdilov & O’Brien, 2008 (by Gnezdilov & O’Brien 2008: 25)
Colpoptera elongata Caldwell 1945:117 – Mexico (Chiapas)
Colpoptera fusca Caldwell 1951:256 (in Caldwell & Martorell 1951) – Puerto Rico
Colpoptera galatea Fennah 1965:103 – Barbados
Colpoptera insularis Dozier 1931:20 – Haiti 
Colpoptera lucaris Fennah, 1955: 28 moved to Caudibeccus Gnezdilov & O’Brien 2008 (by Gnezdilov & O’Brien 2008: 22).
Colpoptera longula (Lethierry, 1890) – Venezuela
= Issus longulus Lethierry, 1890: 149.
= Thionia longula (Lethierry, 1890) comb. by Melichar (1906: 286)
= Colpoptera longula (Lethierry, 1890) comb. by Gnezdilov (2012: 766)
Colpoptera maculifrons Muir 1924:466 (see also Caldwell & Martorell 1951) – Puerto Rico, St. Croix
Colpoptera maculifrons angustior Fennah 1955:31 – Antigua, St. Kitts, Nevis, Montserrat, St. Croix
Colpoptera maculifrons carinata Dozier 1936:99 (see also Caldwell & Martorell 1951) – Puerto Rico
Colpoptera maculifrons dominica Fennah 1955:35 – Dominica
Colpoptera maculifrons flavifrons Osborn 1935:212 (see also Ramos 1947) – Antigua (Virgin Is.), Puerto Rico, Mona Is.,
Colpoptera maculifrons grenedana Fennah 1955:32 – Grenada
Colpoptera maculifrons maculata Dozier 1931:16 (see also Caldwell & Martorell 1951) – Puerto Rico (inc. Mona Is., Vieques, Caja de Muertos), Virgin Is.,
Colpoptera marginalis Burmeister 1835:156 (see also Metcalf 1938) – Mexico, Panama, Guyana
Colpoptera meleagris
Fennah, 1955: 27 moved to Caudibeccus Gnezdilov & O’Brien 2008 (by Gnezdilov & O’Brien 2008: 22).
Colpoptera memnonia Fennah, 1955: 26 moved to Neocolpoptera Dozier, 1931 by Gnezdilov et al. 2004.
Colpoptera minuta Caldwell 1951:256 (in Caldwell & Martorell 1951) – Puerto Rico
Colpoptera nana Dozier 1931:20 – Haiti, Dominican Republic
Colpoptera nigridorsa Caldwell 1945:114 – Mexico (Guerrero, Morelos)
Colpoptera punctata Metcalf, 1954 moved to Caudibeccus Gnezdilov & O’Brien 2008 (by Gnezdilov & O’Brien 2008: 22).
Colpoptera rotunda Caldwell 1945:113 – Mexico (Yucatan)
Colpoptera rugosa Van Duzee 1907:36 – Jamaica
Colpoptera rustica (Fabricius 1803:53) – West Indies, South America (locality unclear; not US, see Doering 1938:457, also notes in Gnezdilov & O’Brien 2008: 21; type specimen evidently in Copenhagen)
Colpoptera sinuata Burmeister 1835:155 (see also Fowler 1904, pl.12 and Gnezdilov & O’Brien 2008) – Mexico (Guerrero, Morelos, Tamaulipas, Tabasco, Veracruz), Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Jamaica
Colpoptera stigmata Caldwell 1945:114 – Mexico (Sonora)
Colpoptera thyone Fennah 1955:29 – St. Lucia

Colpoptera sp. [species undetermined] – USA: Florida

Colpoptera chrysops Fennah, 1955: 33 (Jamaica) and Colpoptera elevans (Walker, 1858) (Jamaica, Haiti) both moved to Jamaha Gnezdilov & O’Brien, 2008. The diagnostic feature of Jamaha is a distinctive, elongate projection from the lateral margin of the male pygofer (seen in J. chrysops on fig 1n of Fennah 1955).

Four species formerly in Colpoptera were moved to Caudibeccus Gnezdilov & O’Brien, 2008. The genus Caudibeccus is comprised as follows:

Caudibeccus carlota (Myers, 1928) (Cuba, type species)
Caudibeccus emeljanovi Gnezdilov & O’Brien, 2008 (Cuba)
Caudibeccus lucaris (Fennah, 1955) (Dominica)
Caudibeccus meleagris (Fennah, 1955) (Dominica)
Caudibeccus punctatus (Metcalf, 1954) (Bahamas)

Gnezdilov & O’Brien (2008: 23) not that Caudibeccus is “[s]imilar to Colpoptera Burmeister externally and in the structure of male genitalia, but distinguished by the narrow and elongated parts of the ovipositor which probably represents a different manner of oviposition – the elongated and fused gonoplacs are probably used as a directing case for the narrow and pointed endogonocoxal processes and anterior connective laminae in oviposition (Gnezdilov 2003b). The lateral margins of the coryphe are keel-shaped in Caudibeccus and not in Colpoptera examined to date; however, all Colpoptera species have not yet been examined for comparison.”

Caudibeccus carlota (Myers, 1928)

Caudibeccus carlota (Myers, 1928) from Gnezdilov 2013; (16) posterior connective laminae of gonapophyses IX, lateral view; (17) anterior connective lamina of gonapophysis VIII and gonocoxa VIII, lateral view.

Distribution information primarily from Metcalf (1958)

Economic Importance

Apparently low, but the genus has been found in economic situations.

Plant associations
  • Colpoptera brunnea – Piper aduncum L. (higuillo de hoja menuda, Piperaceae; swept from many taxa)
  • Colpoptera clerodendri – Clerodendron fragrans Vent. (Lamiaceae)
  • Colpoptera cyatheae – Cyathea Sm. (Treefern, Cyatheaceae), Lantana L. (Verbenaceae)
  • Colpoptera maculifrons – Clerodendrum aculeatum (L.) Schltdl. (as Volkameria aculeata, haggarbush, Verbenaceae) (swept from many taxa)
  • Colpoptera  rugosaLantana L. (Verbenaceae)
  • Colpoptera thyone – Lantana L. (Verbenaceae)
  • Colpoptera albavenosaParthenium hysterophorus (McClay et al. 1995)

Hosts from Wilson et al. 1994, McClay et al. 1995 (2 from unpublished); see also plant associations in Palmer and Pullen (1995) and those listed in FLOW; plant names from USDA PLANTS or Tropicos.


Colpoptera has functional hind wings (like Thionia & Picumna), but is more slender and elongate with the hind tibiae bearing only 1 spine. The genus tends to be common in the Caribbean and Central America, where it is most similar to Neocolpoptera Dozier 1931; which according to Caldwell & Martorell is a more elongate slender form.  The genera Caudibeccus and Jamaha were segregated out of Colpoptera based on the ‘structure of the male and female genitalia’ by Gnezdilov & O’Brien (2008), but external diagnostic features were not provided.  Superficially may be mistaken for Paradascalia (Flatidae).

The species of Colpoptera are best separated by male genitalia.

Key to genus from Caldwell & Martorell (1951) (genera of Puerto Rico)

Key to genus from Caldwell & Martorell (1951) (genera of Puerto Rico)

(I have specimens I’ll photograph, someday)

Colpoptera 1 Colpoptera 2

Colpoptera sp. adventive in Florida (images from Susan Halbert, FSCA)

Colpoptera sp. adventive in Florida (images from Susan Halbert, FSCA)

Colpoptera sp Panama

Colpoptera sp from Panama

Colpoptera nana

Colpoptera nana

Colpoptera cf meleagris

Colpoptera prob. meleagris (From Guadalope)

Colpoptera caldwelli

Colpoptera caldwelli

Colpoptera sinuata Fowler 1904 (fig. 32 from Fowler 1904)

Colpoptera sinuata Fowler 1904 (fig. 32 from Fowler 1904)

Plate 50 (Colpoptera) and 51 (Neocolpotera) from Caldwell & Martorell (1951)

Plate 50 (Colpoptera) and 51 (Neocolpotera) from Caldwell & Martorell (1951)

Colpoptera plate 50 from Caldwell and Martorell 1951

Colpoptera – Plate 50 from Caldwell and Martorell 1951

Colpoptera Fennah 1955 plate 1

Colpoptera from Fennah 1955 (plate 1)

Colpoptera from Fennah 1955 plate 1 caption

Colpoptera caption from Fennah 1955 plate 1

Colpoptera 10Colpoptera 12

Colpoptera cyatheae from Fennah 1955 plate 3

Colpoptera cyatheae from Fennah 1955 plate 3

Online resources

Bugguide (the genus, not present – link to superfamily)
Discover Life. (genus present but no information)
3i (Dmitry Dmitriev).
GenBank. (data, several genes, for ‘sp.’)
BOLD. (they use an old classification, most of these data is not public)


Adults are taken most often by sweeping or beating (and, as it turns out, canopy fogging).

Molecular resources

As of this writing, there is some data for ‘Colpoptera sp.’ in Genbank; in Barcode of Life there is a lot of sequences but they are not (as of this writing) public.

Selected references

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