Genus Neomalaxa Muir, 1918

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Family Delphacidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Delphacinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Saccharosydnini Vilbaste, 1968

Genus Neomalaxa Muir, 1918: 246.

Type species (in original combination): Neomalaxa flava Muir, 1918: 247.


South and Central America, Caribbean.


Recognized species

There is a single described species currently placed in this genus.

Neomalaxa flava Muir, 1918 – Brazil, Caribbean (Dominica, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Trinidad) Ecuador, Guyana, Panama, Venezuela.

Plant associations

Neomalaxa flava – Urochloa adspersa (Trin.) R. Webster (Dominican signalgrass) (as Brachiaria adspersa (Trin.) Parodi).

Rossi Batiz, 2014 notes:  Commelina elegans (Magnoliophyta, Liliopsida) (Muir, 1918); Common in humid sites above 300msnm on grasses and grasses under coffee plants and in the jungle between shrubs, and especially on Guarea spp., Dendropanax spp., Inga vera, Urochloa adspersa and Brachiaria adspersa (Caldwell and Martorell, 1951 ).

Economic Importance

Probably limited – not reported as a pest.


Very fragile, head quite barrow with respect to prothorax, with strongly narrowed frons (somewhat projected beyond eye) and long antennae (with dark lines on anterior margin of scape); green-ish in life.  I’ve seen this species in long series, but seldom in good shape.  It is possible that there are unrecorded species in this genus.

Neomalaxa flava    Neomalaxa flava

Neomalaxa flava

Neomalaxa flava

From Rossi Batiz 2014


Neomalaxa flava

Neomalaxa flava From Caldwell and Martorell 1951


Molecular resources

There are no data on this genus in Genbank or BOLD (Bold has a specimen but barcoding was not successful)

Selected references

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