Genus Euryburnia Emeljanov, 2019

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Family Delphacidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Delphacinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Delphacini Leach, 1815

Genus Euryburnia Emeljanov, 2019

Type species (in original combination): Megamelus magnifrons Crawford, 1914.

Distribution: Western Nearctic

Distribution of Euryburnia

Distribution of Euryburnia from FLOW (14 Jan 2020)

Recognized species

Note: Emeljanov, 2019 segregated Euryburnia (as a new genus) from the Palearctic  Eurybregma. These  taxa were moved from Eurysa into Eurybregma by Hamilton (2002).

Euryburnia eurytion (Hamilton 2002: 19) – USA: ID, MT: CAN: BC
= Eurybregma eurytion Hamilton 2002: 19
= Euryburnia eurytion (Hamilton 2002: 19); comb. by Emeljaonov 2019: 372.

Euryburnia magnifrons (Crawford, 1914) – SA: AK, CA, CO, ID, MT, NM, UT, WA, WY; CAN: AB, BC, NT, SK, YK.
= Megamelus magnifrons Crawford, 1914: 614.
= Liburnia magnifrons (Crawford, 1914); comb. by Van Duzee 1916a: 84.
= Eurysa magnifrons (Crawford, 1914); comb. by Muir & Giffard 1924: 8.
= Chilodelphax magnifrons (Crawford, 1914); comb. by Wilson 1988: 337-338.
= Eurybregma magnifrons (Crawford, 1914); comb. by Hamilton 2002a: 19.
= Euryburnia magnifrons (Crawford, 1914)

Euryburnia montana (Beamer, 1952) – USA: WY; CAN: AB
= Eurysa montana Beamer, 1952b: 54-55.
= Eurybregma montana (Beamer, 1952b); comb. by by Hamilton 2002a: 19.
= Euryburnia montana (Beamer, 1952); comb. by Emeljaonov 2019: 372.

Euryburnia obesa (Beamer, 1952) – USA: MT, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY; CAN: BC.
= Eurysa obesa Beamer, 1952b: 52-54.
= Eurybregma obesa (Beamer, 1952b); comb. by by Hamilton 2002a: 19.
= Euryburnia obesa (Beamer, 1952); comb. by Emeljaonov 2019: 372.

Plant Associations

Apparently grasses

Euryburnia magnifronsAgropyron sp. (Poales, Poaceae)

From Hamilton 2002a,b; Nickel 2003; See FLOW for possible additional plant associations.

Economic Importance

Probably limited, infrequently encountered.


Robust species, vertex wider than long, carinae relatively obscure; frons broad, widest near fastigium, carinae obscure near fastigium.

According to Emeljanov 2019: 372

“The new genus [Euryburnia  differs from Eurybregma by narrower eumetope [frons] with a single median carina and from closely related Unkanodes Fennah, Chilodelphax Vilbaste, Kwonianella Anufriev, and Ribautodelphax Wagner by male pygofer with ventrolateral lobe of rigid margin with distinct angles, phragma without processes or teeth, and by distinct beak-shaped basal lobes of first valvifers.


Eurybregma, Eurysa, Euryburnia from Emeljanov 2019

Figs 1–8. Eurybregma nigrolineata Scott,1–4 – head, antero-ventral view (face), variants of carina development; 5 – Eurysa lineata Fieber, face; 6–8 – Euryburnia magnifrons (Crawford): 6 – face, 7 – male pygofer, caudal view, 8 – female abdomen, ventral view.

Key to species of Euryburnia  and Eurysa (modified from Beamer, 1952 – as Eurysa)  (Line art from Beamer 1952)

1 Male styles with fingerlike projection on inner margin … Eurysa kormusi
1- Male style without such a projection … 2

Eurysa kormusiEurybregma magnifrons

2 Pygofer in lateral view with angular foot-like process on ventrocaudal margin … Euryburnia  magnifrons
2- Pygofer without such a process … 3

Eurybregma magnifrons

3 Anal segment with processes extending straight out from segment … Euryburnia obesa
3- Anal segment with processes curved … Euryburnia montana

Eurybregma obesa and Eurybregma montana


Euryburnia  magnifrons

Eurybregma magnifrons (Euryburnia)

Euryburnia magnifrons (male)

Eurybregma magnifrons (Euryburnia)

Euryburnia magnifrons

Eurybregma magnifrons (Euryburnia)

Euryburnia magnifrons


Euryburnia magnifrons from Beamer 1952

Euryburnia magnifrons from Beamer 1952

Euryburnia montana

Euryburnia montana

Euryburnia montana

Euryburnia montana

Euryburnia montana (male)

Eurybregma montana (Euryburnia)

Euryburnia montana

Euryburnia obesa and montana from Beamer 1952

Euryburnia obesa and Euryburnia montana (from Beamer 1952)

Eurybregma obesa (dorsal and lateral view are of female)

Euryburnia obesa

Euryburnia obesa (female)

Euryburnia obesa (female)

Euryburnia obesa (female)

Euryburnia obesa (female)

Euryburnia obesa (male)

Euryburnia obesa

Euryburnia obesa

Euryburnia obesa

Euryburnia obesa

Molecular resources

At this time, Genbank or Bold have limited data for this genus, relevant  Euryburnia species are currently listed under both Eurybregma and EurysaEuryburnia magnifrons (as Eurybregma) was sequenced for 18S, 28S, CO1, WG in Urban et al. (2010).

Selected References

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