Genus Euidelloides Muir, 1926

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Family Delphacidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Delphacinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Delphacini Leach, 1815

Genus Euidelloides Muir, 1926: 16.

Type speciesEuidelloides montana Muir, 1926: 17.


Ecuador (no map in FLOW)

Recognized species

This genus is represented by a single species

Euidelloides montana Muir, 1926: 17 – Ecuador (Mt. Tunguragua, 10,000 feet)

Economic importance

Limited.  This is a rare species known only from the 1 male and 5 females originally collected and described (to the best of my knowledge).

Plant associations

Collected from the bamboo Chusquea sp. (Poaceae)

Host from Muir, 1926; same reported in Wilson et al. (1994). Plant names from USDA PLANTS database.


I have seen one of the female paratypes (in the CASC collection, in San Francisco), but I am otherwise unfamiliar; I have requested specimens from BPBM on loan, and will photograph when available.

Description of genus from Muir 1926: 16-17 (OCRed and fixed, might still be an error)

“Vertex broader thnn long, base broader than apex, a curved carina divides frons from vertex, but there are no carinae on vertex, base slightly sinuous; in dorsal view frons projecting slightly in front of vertex. Length of frons about twice the width,  sides slightly arcuate, slightly broadest in middle, median carina simple. Antennae reaching  to near middle of clypeus, second segment about 1.5 times the length of first, first longer than broad. Clypeus tricarinate, in profile slightly curved. Pronotum tricarinate, lateral carinae straight diverging postenorly, not reaching hind margin. Mesonotum tricarinate. Hind basitarsus longer than other two together; spur not as long as basitarsus, thin, median size, teeth on hind margin.”

Images from Muir, 1926.

Euidelloides montana from Muir 1926

Euidelloides montana from Muir 1926

Photographs of Paratype (Dorsal view has a ‘ghost’ image in front of the head as a result of incomplete extended depth of field processing)

Euidelloides montana

Euidelloides montana (Paratype)

Euidelloides montana

Euidelloides montana (Paratype)

Euidelloides montana (Paratype)

Euidelloides montana (Paratype)

Euidelloides montana (Paratype)

Euidelloides montana (Paratype, LABEL)

Molecular resources


Selected References

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