In the most recent rankings based on the National Institutes of Health 2016 funding, the School of Nursing jumped to No. 45 in research funding. The designation is the school’s first-ever ranking — quite an important step toward research excellence.

“To go from unranked to 45th is a big jump, only 69 schools of nursing in the country are ranked,” said Barbara Habermann, Nannie Longfellow Professor of Nursing, and Associate Dean for Translational Research, and PhD Program Director.

School of Nursing faculty are involved in numerous local, regional, national and international research studies. Focus areas include aging/healthy aging, community-based research, health disparities, symptom science and self-management of chronic illness. The total amount funded for 2016 was $594,309. Several more grants have been submitted or are planned submissions for 2017 as the school continues to grow its research base.