Travel Information

Be sure you are traveling to Newark, Delaware (pronounced ‘New Ark), and not Newark, New Jersey.

Coming by Air

The closest airport is PHILADELPHIA (PHL). From the airport, you can take a shuttle to Newark, DE. There are several companies you can contact to arrange a shuttle:

  • Shuttle Wizard
  • Delaware Express
  • UberPool

Other airports are Baltimore (BWI) and Newark, New Jersey. Both are farther from campus, and somewhat less convenient.

Coming by Train

Amtrak stops in Newark, but not very frequently. You can walk, or take Uber.

Amtrak stops regularly in Wilmington, DE. From the Wilmington Amtrak Station, there are several ways to get to campus.

  • taxi takes about 30-40 minutes ($50-$60)
  • local bus line 6 takes a bit over an hour ($2-$4)
  • Uber takes about 25 minutes ($20-$30)

You can also take Amtrak to Philadelphia, 30th Street Station. From there, you can take SEPTA (local train service) to Wilmington – but then you still have to get to Newark (see above).

Alternatively, you can take SEPTA to the Philadelphia Airport (short ride), and follow the directions from the airport.

Coming by Megabus

Megabus stops occasionally in Newark, DE (at the campus Marriott Hotel).

You can also take Megabus or Bolt Bus (depending on where you are coming from) to the Philadelphia Amtrak Station, and follow directions from there.

Car Rentals

You probably don’t need a car to get around Newark, but if you would like to rent a car, there are rentals at the Philadelphia Airport, Philadelphia Amtrak Station and Wilmington Amtrak Station.