Current Group Member: Doyoung Kim

Doyoung Kim

Graduate Student since 2017

Education: Hanyang University, Republic of Korea

Thesis Topic/Title: Chemical recycling of polyolefins into chemicals and fuels

Thesis Description: Plastics have permeated virtually every part of modern society. The unmatched benefits this family of materials offers, such as its versatility, low costs, and speedy mass production, created a single-use culture that led to exponentially increasing the volume of plastic waste worldwide. As a result, we now face the daunting consequences of a plastic pollution crisis as a planet. Among the numerous efforts to tackle this threat, one critical approach is to improve the recycling infrastructure by increasing the amount and rate of waste recycling as well as developing economical and efficient recycling technologies. Chemical recycling seeks viable solutions through various chemical reactions, and alkane metathesis has proven its potential as an effective catalytic methodology. My research focuses on developing efficient and practical catalytic chemical recycling processes utilizing heterogeneous alkane metathesis chemistry, proceeded by supported-tungsten oxide catalyst in hopes to further our global aim to achieve a more sustainable future.


Hobbies: Playing soccer and cooking, but in reality, most of my free time is spent looking after my energetic toddler.

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