Raul F Lobo

Raul F. Lobo

Claire D. LeClaire Professor of Chemical Engineering

Director of The Center for Catalytic Science & Technology (CCST)

332 Colburn Lab
University of Delaware
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
150 Academy Street
Newark, Delaware 19716
Direct: 302-831-1261
Fax: 302-831-1048


* Ph. D.       1995 California Institute of Technology
* M.S.          1993 California Institute of Technology
* Bachelors  1989 University of Costa Rica (Licenciatura)


“The goal of this research program is to advance the science and technology of microporous materials for applications that are of value to society. We are interested in contributing to the solution of problems such as the abatement of pollutants or the production of useful molecules from renewable resources. We want to discover and develop new materials that, because of their unique properties, enable us to prepare products and materials using less energy or using less expensive raw materials. Scientifically we want to elucidate the molecular basis that underlie the properties of the materials that we prepare in the laboratory. Chemical engineering principles are then used to modify the mesoscopic properties of our materials such as particle size and morphology , surface structure, etc., to fulfill the requirements of a specific application such as a chemical reaction, the selective adsorption of a particular molecule, etc.”

Raul F. Lobo