Current Group Member: Diana Garcia Perez

Postdoctoral Researcher since Winter 2024

Education: PhD in Applied Chemistry – Biofuel production through hydrotreatment of non-edible lipids”. Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry, Madrid (Spain). Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). 2023.

B.S. Chemistry, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain).

Doctoral Thesis: Diana’s doctoral thesis was focused on biofuels production from waste non-edible oils or fats. These biofuels are produced by hydrotreatment (firstly hydrodeoxygenation of oils or fats and then hydroisomerization of the hydrocarbons obtained) resulting in the formation of a mixture of hydrocarbons known as renewable fuels or advanced biofuels. 

Research Description: Diana is working on the deconstruction of waste plastics through radicals or acids into value added molecules. In particular, she is studying the conversion of polyethylene and polypropylene into alkenes of industrial interest as a part of the Center for Plastics Innovation. You can follow her research through her ORCID (0000-0002-6677-6165).


Other fun facts or hobbies: Dancing, hiking, traveling and movies.