Publications About LIMS

The original (pre 4.0) LIMS package was described in the following paper

  1. M. Bruschke, S.G.Advani, “Finite Element/Control Volume Approach to Mold Filling in Anisotropic Porous Media,” Polymer. Composites 11, pp. 398-405, (1990).

The releases 4.0 and later are completely re-written code, though much of the algorithms remain.

There are three papers that describe the current simulation package LIMS and its capabilities and applications within the framework of LCM simulation. If you use LIMS (whatever version of) for research, please quote the first paper in your publications as a reference for LIMS.

  1. P. Simacek, S.G. Advani, “Desirable Features in Mold Filling Simulations for Liquid Composite Molding Processes,” Polymer Composites, v 25, n 4, 2004
  2. P. Simacek, S.G. Advani, C. Binetruy, “Liquid Injection Molding Simulation (LIMS) A Comprehensive Tool to Design, Optimize and Control the Filling Process in Liquid Composite Molding,” JEC – Composites, n 8, 2004

Short overview of LIMS is available from Center for Composite Materials[PS2]  as a Techbrief, either printed or as a PDF file[PS3] .

LIMS is also described and used as a simulation tool in the book (currently in 2nd edition)

  1. Process Modeling in Composites Manufacturing” by Advani and Sozer, CRC Press, 2010.

For list of research publications using LIMS see Research Publications Using LIMS.