LIMS Software Contact Information


Dr. Pavel Simacek

PHONE: 302-731-5206

E-MAIL: psimacek at udel dot edu


Prof. Suresh G. Advani

PHONE: 302-831-8975

FAX: 302-831-3619

E-MAIL: advani at udel dot edu

The Other LIMS Site

Currently this site contains nothing much different than this one and it actually lacks videos and downloads. However, it provides the LIMS and LimsUI documentation in frames for those who want to access it on-line. It is much easier for me to update things (such as FAQ) on that site as it is plain html, can show documents as browser shows them and it simply uses txt2tags markup.

Additional LIMS Materials, Other Software and Massive Knowledge Base for Composite Materials Processing

Center for Composite Materials201 Composites Manufacturing Science Laboratory

University of Delaware

Newark, DE 19716-3144

PHONE: 302-831-8149

FAX: 302-831-8525