Eligibility & Selection Process

Eligibility Requirements:

To be considered for a LEADelaware Fellowship, applicants must have the following qualifications:

  • U.S. citizen; and a resident of Delaware or working in Delaware agriculture or natural resources for at least 2 years;
  • The ability to be away from work, families, and other activities for the time required by the LEADelaware Program;
  • A willingness to travel throughout Delaware, the nation and to international destinations. Travel destinations may be outside of participants’ comfort zones; however, safety will always be a priority.
  • participants may spend up to 2 weeks away for the International Study Trip;
  • Leadership or emerging leadership experience in areas such as production agriculture, forestry, agribusiness, natural resources, rural or community subject areas;
  • Personal goals for improving and applying leadership skills for the benefit of agricultural and natural resource industries of Delaware and abroad;
  • A willingness to complete a leadership project or class practicum and fully immerse himself/herself in the process;
  • An interest in becoming involved in local, state, national and international efforts; and promoting class diversity;
  • The willingness and ability to pay the $2,500 tuition by the designated due dates; and
  • All applicants must submit a completed application form by October 1, 2019.

Selection Process:

The selection of applicants is the responsibility of the LEADelaware Selection Committee, made up of Program Directors, representatives of sponsoring organizations, and past participants. The LEADelaware Selection Committee will review and screen all applications, conduct applicant interviews, and make final selection decisions. Whether selected or not, applicants will be notified on or about December 1, 2019.

Applicant Interviews will be conducted to allow applicants a chance to share their stories and information that may not have been captured by this application. This also allows applicants and members of the Selection Committee and LEADelaware leadership to meet in person. Lastly, the LEADelaware Fellowship Program urges Fellows to learn and practice a variety of skills related to leadership and professionalism – presenting in
front of a panel is one way that applicants can demonstrate public speaking skills, organizational skills, and a capacity to effectively convey information.

The Selection Committee seeks participants from all regions of Delaware with diversity in occupations, education, perspectives, and experience, as well as participants who will contribute to and value the experiences of the class. The maximum class size will be 14 participants. Applicants who are not accepted due to class size or class balance, and who remain eligible, will be encouraged to reapply for the next class.

Those involved with various aspects of production agriculture are especially encouraged to apply, as the Program aims to promote, support, and enhance Delaware’s leading industry. LEADelaware’s definition of agriculture is as broad as possible – production of forest products, aquaculture, fisheries, the equine industry, greenhouse and nursery production, urban agriculture, honey bees, wine grapes, fruits, vegetables, dairy, livestock, ag-tourism, grain, poultry and others. Tuition scholarships for producers may be available from various industry organizations.

LEADelaware operates without discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or handicap. Diversity within the Fellowship group is desired. The health and safety of all class members, particularly on any national and international trips, and in activities (some of which may include physical activity) is of primary importance.

Once candidates have been selected, they will be required to read and execute the  Participant Agreement (contained within the application). Prospective applicants should review this document to ensure that they will be able to agree to these terms.

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