B.S. in Sport Health

Program Overview

After 40+ years of providing undergraduate education in Athletic Training, the University of Delaware is transitioning to a CAATE-mandated entry-level Master of Science degree program beginning summer of 2019. As a result students interested in attending UD and finding a spot in the MS-AT program can complete the necessary admissions pre-requisites in the newly created Bachelor of Science (BS) Program in Sport Health.

The Sports Health major is housed in the Department of Kinesiology & Applied Physiology and offers an exciting and enriching pathway toward the MS-AT degree via the hybrid 3+2 program. Thus, students wishing to pursue a career in Athletic Training will (provided they meet the necessary admissions benchmarks) move directly into the MS-AT program. A series of strategically placed 1-credit hour pre-athletic training seminars each semester will enable Sports Health majors the opportunity to gain foundational knowledge in a variety of sports medicine topics as well a become involved in observational rotations involving UD clinical sites.

Students in the Sports Health major who decide not to pursue Athletic Training will complete the degree requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree in a timely manner and will be positioned to pursue careers in a variety of other health disciplines.

Uniqueness of Program

The “health science” brand is alive and well in UD’s College of Health Sciences positioned strategically on the STAR Health campus, among the contemporary and state of the art health education facilities. Sports Health at the University of Delaware provides unique didactic and clinical experiences that prepare students for exciting graduate school opportunities in Athletic Training and other allied health careers. Clinical observational experiences working with UD’s high-level NCAA Division I student-athletes and clinical staff is a strength of UD’s educational program. Students wishing to pursue an exciting allied health career in Athletic Training can take part in the only 3+2 program at the University of Delaware.

Work in these fields:

  • Professional Sports
  • Collegiate Sports
  • Interscholastic & Youth Sports
  • Sports Medicine Clinics
  • Industry
  • Recreation Venues
  • Performing Arts

Our Curriculum

Effective Fall 2018, students attending the University of Delaware with an “interest” in Athletic Training as a career will receive guidance toward pursuing the newly proposed “Sports Health” major.

Because UD’s current undergraduate program in Athletic Training is transitioning to an entry-level master’s (ELM) degree program summer 2019, students will need to gain the necessary prerequisite coursework required for admission. The proposed “Sports Health” curriculum will provide a unique pathway for entry into the ELM that is only available to students who matriculate at UD. The transition into the ELM would occur following successful completion of the junior year (3 years) in the “Sports Health” major, with additional 2 consecutive calendar years of coursework required to receive the master’s degree.

Students who do not meet minimum standards for admission into the entry-level Athletic Training Program or who otherwise do not wish to pursue becoming a certified Athletic Trainer may opt to complete the senior year and leave with a B.S. in Sports Health.

For more information, please visit the Athletic Training Education Program website.