BIOMS’ robotics for Early Learning

Christina Ragonesi, has devised a Robotic device that helps with the socialization for children. Will Harp is a child at the Early Learning Center that participates in her research.

BIOMS welcomed Delaware Senator Tom Carper

Tom Kaminski and Thomas Buckley demonstrated and explained their team effort on concussion research.




Dear Alumni and Friends,

Welcome to the Biomechanics and Movement Sciences Interdisciplinary Program! The BIOMS program comprises faculty from the Colleges of Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Health Sciences who use an interdisciplinary approach to research and graduate education.

Among collegiate athletes, ice hockey players have a higher concussion exposure rate than football players. University of Delaware Ph.D. and post-doctoral students are studying the role of repetitive head impacts in an ice hockey season. More…


I chose UD because of the interdisciplinary focus of the BIOMS program and the research expertise of the faculty, as well as the opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant for undergraduate courses.

I found all of the courses to be relevant to the development and progression of my dissertation project!

Alum, Andrea Di Trani

What’s New in BIOMS

Interest in head impacts in sports puts UD research front and center

The NFL. The NCAA. U.S. Soccer. The news media. Hollywood. The topic of concussions in sports has reached an unprecedented fervor and the University of Delaware’s concussion research team, led by Tom Kaminski and Thomas Buckley, is conducting research that puts UD front and center. More

Professor invites patients to ‘Physical Activity Party

The University of Delaware’s Daniel White wants people to think about the entire physical activity spectrum, from dancing to going on a walk to playing Pokémon Go. Weight control, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, stronger bones, stronger muscles, improved mood – the benefits of physical activity are many, yet it is the most underutilized intervention by health professionals, which is somewhat surprising.

DRI is the leading national center for physical rehabilitation research

Tom Buchanan is director of the Delaware Rehabilitation Institute, which brings together faculty across the UD campus to study physical rehabilitation. His work in biomechanics has applications to osteoarthritis, stroke and sports medicine.