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I am interested in the preservation of certain species of ants. This is an important topic because whether we realize it or not ants play a large role in our ecosystem by doing jobs like digging through the soil and leveling the nutrients within. The problem that I see with my topic is that people only see ants as pests, often destroying their homes. I would like to learn more about the ants way of life. There are thousands of different species of ants and all of them have evolved in order to thrive in certain environments. I think that we could learn a lot from observing their way of life. With so many species, many of them have different jobs, it would be interesting to find out just how much ants contribute to our lives as human beings. When you think about it the contributions that ants make to our environment are pretty obvious. Thy fertilize the soil, dig tunnels that help nutrients get to plants, pollinate plants, and help to carry many different types of seeds in order to spread the growth of vast vegetation.  This topic needs to be researched more because we could be inhibiting ants from doing their job and effecting the ecosystem that is acting around us.  Information on this topic can be found in several locations like websites such as national geographic or, I could also find information on a database like the gale research database.

3 thoughts on “Topic Proposal

  1. Savannah

    Hi Jake,

    What an interesting topic to write about. I never knew how important ants were, I always just disregarded them as useless little creatures. It never occurred to me that they actually served a purpose. It’s fascinating to know that they actually do things that are useful to us and to our ecosystem.

    I was also unaware that there are so many different species of ants. I would just assume that ants are ants, I had no idea there are thousands of different kinds. Next time though, maybe go more in-depth about some of the different kinds of ants. It would be really interesting if you focused on a select few and explained their way of life and what they do for the environment.

    Also, is the focus of your blog on the different kinds of ants? Or what ants do for our ecosystem? Or even both?Regardless I think you did a really nice job introducing the topic you want to write about and I think your topic will develop into something really interesting. I look forward to reading what information you will provide next!

    -Savannah Wolfson

  2. Timothy

    Hello Jake,
    I was struck by your idea to preserve the many different species of ants. To be honest I don’t think often about ants but I would like to learn more about them and how they help develop and sustain our ecosystem. I found your blog to be both interesting and informative; especially when you spoke about how much ants do for our local plants and vegetation. I’d love to hear more about how they contribute to our lives as humans and maybe how they affect the other insects that are normally sharing living space with them. Thanks for bringing forward this interesting and unique topic.
    Tim Sheridan

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