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When i started to look for sources for my research topic i thought that it would be easy to find a lot of good information on ants and their contribution to our environment and society. This proved to be harder than i expected, I started out by trying to find some sources on some of the schools databases. All of the results that i found  were either too broad or too specific and it was really hard trying to find a good middle ground.49318491


After while of searching i was finally able to find a good source to use, this was a relief because this source had an extensive works cited that included several other helpful sources. this was a great catalyst toward writing my annotated and will probably be very helpful when i am finding information for the rest of my paper.49318869

After i found these sources the rest of the annotated bibliography went pretty smoothly. i was able to create a free account on which formatted the sources into a works cited page and then i just highlighted major points in each article and summarized their purpose. This annotated  bibliography seems like it will be a pretty good aid while writing my final essay and will definitely be useful in starting the essay and organizing my thoughts. After finishing the bibliography i think i have a better idea of what my stance will be on.

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  1. Timothy


    This post is another great installment in the always interesting story of your ant based research paper. I really enjoyed your narrative about the difficulties of trying to finding the resources you desired. That seems to be a common problem for most people. I also enjoyed your memes, they were helpful and made your blog post relatable to anyone even if they had not written a research paper. Finally, I noticed you are using noodletools; I was looking for an easy bibliography website, and this one is perfect. Once again great post.

    Your Classmate,
    Tim Sheridan


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