Welcome to HCI@UD!

The Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Lab investigates how immersive technologies can be designed and developed to facilitate user experience in education, healthcare, and mainly healthcare education.

We study, design and prototype computing tools for digital capture and analysis of user-centered experiences in healthcare and education, drawing from the perspectives of patients, caregivers, students, educators, and individuals.




We won the Best Award in VR Category during MIT’s RV’19 Hackathon.

Our Move2Improve team won the best VR award in the MIT Reality Virtually (RV’19) Hackathon. The week-long competition was held among 100+ teams and approximately 400 hackers. Four HCI members attended this event. 

Students presented their paper at IEEE VR, ACM TEI, and ACM IUI venues.

Steve presented his work on multi-party earth sciences education recently in ACM TEI (Tangible Embedded Embodied Interaction), and IEEE VR conferences. Matt also presented a blurb of his work on nurse communication training using AR during ACM IUI (Intelligent User Interfaces) conference.

We submitted two papers to Educational Data Mining (EDM’19). 


Zhang and PI Leila submitted two papers together on the topic of automated team-based learning analytics with deep neural networks. 

EDM will be held in Montreal, Canada in July 2 – 5, 2019.

Congrats to Alina for giving a TEDx Talk! 


Alina, our undergraduate lab member,  gave a TEDx talk at Goldey Beacom College Salon in Wilmington, DE.  

We got our first grant to promote  healthcare and VR!

We got our first  grant at UD for using virtual reality in healthcare applications, and catalyzing the collaborations between Colleges. We are so excited about our collaboration with the College of health sciences faculty members. 

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