General Education

At the University of Delaware, General Education sets students along the path of possessing a complete set of characteristics of one who is both broadly and deeply educated. We seek to prepare students who are:

  • Engaged citizens, involved in the world around them, and who understand the major challenges and debates of the day;
  • Aware of their intellectual strengths and interests and of their ethical values and commitments;
  • Capable of interpreting the arts and culture of contemporary and past societies; and,
  • Equipped with the essential skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly evolving world including the ability to be a lifelong learner, creator, and innovator.

To fulfill these purposes, major requirements and general education requirements are combined to meet five objectives. We seek to prepare students who are able to:

  1. Read critically, analyze arguments and information, and engage in constructive ideation.
  2. Communicate effectively in writing, orally, and through creative expression.
  3. Work collaboratively and independently within and across a variety of cultural contexts and a spectrum of differences.
  4. Critically evaluate the ethical implications of what they say and do.
  5. Reason quantitatively, computationally, and scientifically.
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