First Year Seminar (FYS)

The First Year Seminar (FYS) introduces undergraduate students to the university with the common goals of diversity competency, sexual misconduct awareness and prevention, drug and alcohol use education and abuse prevention, responsible use of the internet and other social media, and ethics and academic honesty. These 1-3 credit courses are taken during UD students’ incoming semester. More information about FYS and UNIV 101 can be found on the First Year Seminar home page. Approved courses which meet the FYS requirement can be found in the UD Catalog


Students sit having a discussion with their desks arranged in a circle during a class session.

UNIV 101

UNIV 101 courses are one-credit, pass/fail courses that meet twice a week during the first eight weeks of the fall semester. Incoming first year students are assigned to an FYS course section by their advisors during the summer New Student Orientation program. Although all first year students are required to participate in an FYS course, at least forty-two majors do not require their students to participate in UNIV 101 courses but offer their own discipline-specific FYS course. UNIV 101 courses are generally lead by UD faculty, facilitated with the support of an undergraduate peer mentor, and all use a common reader.

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