General Information

Environmental testing lab of the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering was established in 2010. We serve the research needs for the University of Delaware research coDSC_1051ammunity and general public. The lab operates advanced water and solids analysis equipment and can perform a wide range testing services.

Examples of the tests performed in the Environmental testing Lab are shown here:

  • Dissolved and total metal analysis by ICP-MS or ICP-OES
  • Dissolved solids analysis by Ion Chromatography
  • Volatile organic compounds analysis by GC-MS
  • Total solids, total suspended solids, and total volatile suspended solids
  • pH, conductivity, COD, BOD, and TOC
  • Total, organic, and inorganic nitrogen.
  • Total, organic, and inorganic phosphorus

Additional analytical and sample processing services are available to meet the needs of professionals both within and outside of the University community. Please contact us for a more complete list of services.