How do I get access to Environmental Testing facilities?

  • Contact us to arrange training and access to our facilities.

If I need to use the ICP-MS, what arrangements do I need to make?

UD affiliates

  • Make sure your safety training records are up to date. See here for minimum safety training requirements.
  • Contact us to schedule a training.
  • Reserve the ICP using the online calendar.
  • Prepare calibration standards and samples. Calibration standards can be purchased from the vendor or, if you have high purity reagents, they can be prepared in the lab.
  • You are responsible for purchasing consumables such as sample vials and gases.

General public and commercial entities:

  • Check the fee schedule here
  • Contact us to get the shipping information and details

I need a specific GC column to analyze some volatile organic compounds in my sample. Will you provide this column?

  • The column that is normally installed in the GC-MS is HP-5MS. To use a different column, you will need to purchase it. Please consult with the lab manager to identify the right column for your application.