The Ocean Exploration, Remote Sensing and Biogeography Laboratory (ORB Lab), led by Dr. Matthew J. Oliver, extends research to the science community and public in a variety of ways. Our goal is to understand where marine organisms are found in various environments throughout the oceans using satellites and robots. This will allow us to better understand how human influences may alter ecosystems in the future and afford us solutions to reduce potential impacts. Our environmental data is publicly available and free to use.

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Prospective Graduate Students

We are always on the lookout for new students that are excited about the interface of oceanography, ecology, and biology. Our most successful students have strong quantitative and communication skills. Resumes that indicate strengths in these areas are preferred. We get many inquiries about working in our lab, and the best ones are able to clearly express how their acceptance into ORB Lab would advance one or more of our goals. Our goals are diverse, but are articulated in the publications produced by our students.