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SST Delaware Bay Average Delaware Bay Sea Surface Temperature

SST East Coast Average East Coast Sea Surface Temperature

SST Mid Atlantic Average Mid Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature

SST Gulf of Mexico Average Gulf of Mexico Sea Surface Temperature

SST World Average World Sea Surface Temperature

MODIS-Aqua US East Coast SST Average East Coast Sea Surface Temperature

MARACOOS SST East Coast Anomaly Average SST East Coast Anom

World Chlorophyll Concentration Average World Chlorophyll Concentration

US East Coast Chlorophyll Concentration Average East Coast Chlorophyll Concentration

MODIS RGB Ocean Color Data

Atlantic Sturgeon Forecast

This product is developed for mature Atlantic Sturgeon using historic telemetry observations matched to date, bathymetry, and sea surface temperature and ocean color from NASA’s MODIS AQUA satellite. The five regions (Delaware River, Upper Delaware Bay, Middle Delaware Bay, Lower Delaware Bay, and Atlantic Ocean) are divided into 5 meter depth bins.

Current Atlantic Sturgeon Risk of Encounter

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Seascapes Seascapes Map and Data

MODIS RGB Ocean Color Data