ELI Instructional Assistant Positions to Support International Students Taking SCEN109
(Fall 2019: August 26-December 20)

English Language Institute Academic Transitions (AT) Program

108 E. Main Street, Newark, DE  19711

High-achieving undergraduate students, graduate students, teaching adjuncts, TAs, or other professionals are invited to apply for part-time positions supporting international (ESL) students in undergraduate math, business, anthropology, communications, geography, political science and humanities courses.
  • Meet with 7-15 student(s) 2-4 hours per week per course in Discussion Classes.
  • Attend sheltered UD course with AT students 4 hours/week.
  • Teach academic time management and study skill strategies for college success (training provided).
  • Support AT students’ language development, including vocabulary, cultural references, course readings, lectures, note-taking, and assignments (training provided).
  • Attend meetings with the course instructor and AT faculty/administrators.
  • Input attendance (weekly) and progress reports (biweekly).
  • Attend training and ongoing professional development.
Qualifications :
  • Current UD student or recent graduate who has earned at least a B in the course being taught.
  • Experience working on teams or in tutoring.
  • Leadership experience.
  • Foreign language experience preferred.

Supervisor : AT Instructional Assistant Coordinator, Julie Lopez

Hours : 4-11 hours a week    

Wages : Hourly rate at $10.00 for current undergraduate students, $17.00 for IAs who have a bachelor’s degree, and $20.00/hour for IAs with a master’s degree or higher.

  • These hourly positions are offered by semester based on performance and enrollment.
  • Criminal Background Check
  • A  selected  applicant  must  have  a  criminal  background  check  completed  prior  to  commencing employment.
  • See University policy 4-‐111 for further information about criminal background  checks.

APPLY : To apply, please send your resume and cover letter with contacts for 1-2 references to Julie Lopez julo@udel.edu

Undergraduate students, please include your current GPA, and student ID number.