Anti-Racism Presentations

UDARI Legacies Committee Fall 2022 WorkshopPresentation by Margaret Hughes’s titled “‘The Very Southern Character’: Delaware College Trustees and Unfree Labor, 1839-1859.”
“Breaking the Bonds of Inequality: Black Political Mobilization and Financial Activism in 20th Century America.”History Department’s Speaks-Warnock lecture featuring Professor Destin Jenkins’ presentation.
UDARI Showcase 2022Virtual showcase featuring the great work of the University of Delaware Anti-Racism Initiative Partners.
“Delaware College and Newark in the Era of Slavery, Indentured Labor, and Abolition” Presentation by the students of HIST 460/660, “Race and Inequality in Delaware,” and
Professors Dael Norwood and Laura Helton.
Racial Justice TrainingPresentation by Dr. Alison Parker, Department of History, UD & Sowmya Shankar, Information Technologies, UD.

Self-Fashioning and the Black Portrait Tradition

Presentation featuring artist Tokie Rome-Taylor, with panelists Danielle Bing, Julie McGee, Curtis Small, and TK Smith.

University of Delaware and the Colonization of Indigenous Lands

Dr. Pascha Bueno-Hansen, who leads the UDARI Indigenous Programming Committee was interviewed on UD accountability for settler colonialism. The discussion explores the history of Land Grant (Land Grab) Universities and the efforts by the University of Delaware to make amends after benefitting for centuries from the occupation of indigenous people’s lands. It addresses serious questions such as how did Universities benefit from colonization? How did the Lenni Lenape and Nanticoke nations suffer so Universities may thrive? Can UD do more? Has the colonization of indigenous peoples stopped or does it still continue?