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About Us

Since the initial planning meeting in August of 2020, the UD Anti-Racism Initiative (UDARI) has since grown to well over 400+ individuals consisting of faculty, staff, students, and community members who all share the common goal of combatting systemic racism and reducing racial inequities on campus and the broader community.

To register your interest in getting involved with the initiative, please complete the UDARI Interest Form.

UDARI Leadership

UDARI is currently led by Advisor, Dr. Alison Parker

Steering Committee

The steering committee is comprised of the chairs and/or co-chairs for each of the committees. Currently, the steering committee features:


The committees are open to all UD faculty, staff and graduate and undergraduate students who are willing to commit themselves to taking specific action by serving on, chairing, or co-chairing a committee.


UDARI’s team of interns is a group of ardent, determined, and inspired undergraduate students who work on various research tasks and projects of the Initiative that lie within their fields of interest. Together, they are working towards fulfilling the five objectives of UDARI, as well as enhancing life on campus for our increasingly diverse student body.

Current Interns

The initiative’s current interns are:

Past Interns

The initiative’s past interns include: