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Our Program


Committed to diversity and inclusion, the AGcelerate Enrichment Program provides a supportive environment to promote the academic success, leadership development, and career preparedness for students in all majors of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Participants develop a broad skill set and a close network of friends and mentors to ensure success both during and following their time at the University of Delaware.

The AGcelerate Enrichment Program offers tailored support for academic and professional success of students through:

  • Academic development and support
  • Free tutoring
  • Faculty Networking
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Career and internship exploration
  • Social and service learning activities

A bit more about us…

The AGcelerate Enrichment Program does not hold weekly or monthly meetings which student members are required to attend. Instead, our services and events are here for you when you need them- feel free to attend as many or as few as fit your schedule and benefit you. If there is academic support you need that we do not currently offer, let us know! We are always able to point you to available resources campus wide.

The students have indicated that another major factor for them is just the friendships and that idea of camaraderie in the group and feeling like they have other people to go to when they need help, or knowing who to approach when they’re looking for assistance beyond what they can find on their own. - Erin Brannick, professor in the department of Animal and Food Sciences

Those interested in finding out more about the AGcelerate program should email the group at

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