We’re featured on the Great Lakes Now Connect Program

The Great Lakes region is important for the millions of birds that migrate through the area every year, using wetlands, forests, shoreline and more than 32,000 islands as stopover sites. But these habitats and others are under increasing pressure from climate change, habitat loss and other stressors.

Available online via live-stream, The Nature Conservancy and Detroit Public Television will present a panel of experts and video segments to explore these challenges and the solutions facing our feathered friends.

The program aired on GreatLakesNow.org on Tuesday, May 6th from 1 – 2 p.m. EST. You can watch it here… 

News Journal Article

Here’s a write up in The News Journal of my plenary talk at the Ecological Society of America  Mid-Atlantic Chapter meeting in Dover. It was a great venue to hear about a diversity of ecological research from graduate and undergraduate students in the region. Thank you to Dr. Kevina Vulinec and Delaware State University for hosting a successful meeting! Jeff

“Radar tracking of migrating birds hones in on Delaware’s role”

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