Our group aims to better understand how the ocean works and how the ocean is affected by and responds to the ever-changing climate

We are a group of physical oceanographers in the School of Marine Science and Policy at the University of Delaware. Our research is mainly on the roles of the global ocean in the climate system. We are particularly interested in the connection and exchange between the upper and deep layers of the global ocean and their implications for climate change. Our previous and current research generally falls into two topics: 1) influences of mesoscale eddies on the physical, biological and geological processes in the deep ocean, and 2) vertical transport of heat, salt and other tracers and its variation with climate. Our studies are mainly carried out by analyzing in situ and satellite measurements, examining ocean synthesis products, and conducting numerical simulations. The Liang Group can be reached @ xfliang at udel.edu.

Group News



The paper describing the discrepancies of salinity from a set of gridded Argo products was accepted by the Journal of Climate. A preprint can be found at https://www.researchgate.net/publication/343267855_Global_Patterns_of_Spatial_and_Temporal_Variability_in_Salinity_from_Multiple_Gridded_Argo_Products


Fanglou’s manuscript on hidden ocean upwellings was sent out for review in Nature Communications.


A manuscript led by Chao Liu describing the discrepancies of salinity from a set of gridded Argo products was submitted to the Journal of Climate.



Yingli Zhu’s manuscript on the upper and deep ocean coupling in the Gulf of Mexico was submitted to JGR-Oceans. This is the first paper the group submitted from UD.

The USF news report on our global ocean vertical salt transport paper is online. Link to the story is https://www.marine.usf.edu/news-and-events/deeper-ocean-observations-needed-to-accurately-assess-earths-climatic-changes/


Xinfeng Liang officially started to work as an Assistant Professor at the University of Delaware.

The first paper of Chao Liu was just published in Nature Communications. In this paper, we examined the global ocean salinity changes in ECCO and explored how to interpret the relatively well-observed upper ocean changes. Link to paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-019-11436-x