Tech Workshops

Our tech workshops are designed to expose attendees of all experience levels to new technical trades and skills. Our tech workshops feature a variety of topics including circuitry, coding, laser cutting, virtual reality, software, professional development tips, and much more. 

Funds devoted to Tech Workshops allow us to do more robust activities and purchase supplies that attendees can take with them.

UD Student Programs

In collaboration with our program partners and student organizations across campus, we deliver UD student-centered events around various career related topics, such as building your brand, mentoring, networking, professional hacks, and more, in addition to our Tech Workshops, which are also open to students.

Funds devoted to UD Student Programs allow us to pay for professional speakers, purchase program materials students can take with them, and provide food.

K-12 Programs

We are very focused on giving back to the local Delaware community and filling the tech pipeline to inspire and encourage young women in K-12 to pursue education and careers in technology. We currently have a partnership with Newark High School to deliver a weekly Women in Technology activity block. In addition we are involved in organizing Microsoft’s DigiGirlz Day, and providing tech programs for UD’s College Readiness Scholars program which serves low-income and first-generation high school students in Delaware.

Funds devoted to K-12 Programs allow us to purchase technology supplies the students can keep, refund our volunteers for their required criminal background checks, and provide students with healthy snacks.

Professional Development Events

Similar to our UD Student Programs, we also provide professional development workshops for UD staff and faculty. Most notably, our Women in Technology: Finding Your Circuit event brings together professionals from UD and beyond to hear from inspiring speakers and participate in exciting tech workshops. In addition, we provide advocacy and awareness programs to help our community understand why women and other underrepresented demographics are so few in the tech world, and how to help improve this status quo.

Funds devoted to Professional Development Events allow us to purchase job aids and other materials attendees can take with them, hire speakers to deliver workshops, help us with our annual Finding Your Circuit event, and allow us to provide food at events.

Networking & Social Events

Our networking and social events, well, are very social! In order to create a welcoming environment where we can build our support networks we coordinate coffee hours, happy hours, and other social events where women can speak freely with other women and allies about their experiences in technical fields and make new connections.

Funds devoted to Networking & Social Events allow us to reserve private event locations in the area and provide food and beverages.