UD Laboratory Studies Suggest that Humic/ Fulvic Acid Additives are Not Effective at Increasing P Bioavailability

Lauren Mosesso, DENIN Graduate Fellow; Amy Shober, Professor and Nutrient Management/Environmental Quality Extension Specialist; ashober@udel.edu and Jarrod O. Miller, Assistant Professor and Extension Agronomist, jarrod@udel.edu Many Delmarva farmers indicate that they experience issues with phosphorus (P) uptake with corn and… Continue Reading

Assessing Nitrogen Management in Corn After this Challenging Season

Gordon Johnson, Extension Vegetable & Fruit Specialist, gcjohn@udel.edu; Amy Shober, Extension Nutrient Management and Environmental Quality Specialist, ashober@udel.edu; Jarrod Miller, Extension Agronomist; jarrod@udel.edu Excessive rainfall that occurred early and late in the season made N management for corn (among other… Continue Reading