Know Your Field Corn Bt Traits

Bill Cissel, Extension Agent – Integrated Pest Management;

Don’t get caught with you plants down!

With so many corn hybrids containing one or more Bt traits for insect control, it’s easy to get confused about the spectrum of control they provide. Different Bt traits and packages provide varying levels of control for different insects and it’s important to know what will and what won’t be controlled so that you don’t “get caught with your plants down”. To help in determining the spectrum of pests controlled with Bt corn trait packages and their Bt proteins, Michigan State University has updated their “Handy Bt Trait Table” found at:

This table not only provides information on the event and protein expressed for each trade name but also includes a listing of the spectrum of insects controlled, herbicide tolerance, and refuge requirements. To prevent economic losses from occurring, make sure you know what Bt proteins your hybrid expresses and what it controls.