Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility and EnSave Announce New Program for Delaware Farms

The Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility is pleased to announce the launch of the Energize Delaware Farm Program to help Delaware agricultural producers reduce their energy costs.

The program will offer energy audits to identify opportunities to save energy and money. Producers can then apply for a range of services including low-interest loans, grants for energy efficiency projects, free direct-installed lighting measures and solar renewable energy credit (SREC) purchases.

A key part of the program will be connecting participants with programs that can provide additional funding — such as Delaware’s Green Energy Grant, the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Energy for America (REAP) and Environmental Quality Incentives (EQIP) Programs. This will leverage additional funds and maximize energy and cost saving opportunities available to the farm.

“This program offers something for every producer in Delaware by providing funding options for both energy efficiency and renewable energy,” says Tony DePrima, Executive Director of the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility. “While some Delaware producers have already made great strides in reducing their energy use, there is still a great need for technical assistance and funding. By providing these services, we are helping these hard-working Delaware businesses position themselves for greater energy independence.”

The DESEU has selected EnSave, Inc., an energy efficiency consulting firm dedicated to providing agricultural energy efficiency programs and energy audits, to implement the program. Many producers in the Delmarva peninsula are familiar with EnSave’s work, as the firm has completed over 300 audits in Maryland and Delaware since 2009. “We are pleased to continue our long-standing relationships in Delaware by working with the Sustainable Energy Utility on this dynamic program,” says Craig Metz, EnSave CEO. “Delaware has a wonderfully close-knit agricultural community, and we are looking forward to working with these farms to save energy, save money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

The program is currently accepting applications on a first-come, first-served basis. To apply for the program or to learn more, call EnSave at (800) 732-1399, or visit

EnSave is a diversified energy and environmental services company specializing in turn-key program development and implementation. Since 1991, EnSave has designed and implemented energy efficiency programs for a variety of clients including state and federal agencies, investor-owned utilities, and rural electric cooperatives. Having focused heavily on the agricultural and food processing sectors, EnSave has developed a reputation as the leader in agricultural energy efficiency. Additionally, EnSave has a rapidly growing industrial energy auditing and sustainability consulting division.