Free Webinars in August, Sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Women in Agriculture

8/10: Grant Writing for Agriculture Businesses – Grants are available for research, expansion of your operation, and training. This session will help identify resources for service providers and farmers looking for funding, review some grant programs targeted at farmers, and explain grant writing dos and don’ts.

8/24: Food Safety and Liability – Learn about the legal claims a litigant can assert in a food borne illness case, defenses that can be asserted to avoid liability and techniques that can be implemented to reduce the cost and exposure to food borne illness liability.  Also included will be an overview of the section of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) applicable to fruit and vegetable farmers known as the Produce Rule.

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Webinars begin at noon EST. Duration is approximately 1 hour. For optimal performance we suggest using Internet Explorer as your web browser and connecting via Ethernet connection instead of wireless (wireless will work, but a hard line is more stable)

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