Potato Disease Advisory #10 – July 18, 2014

Nathan Kleczewski, Extension Specialist – Plant Pathology; nkleczew@udel.edu

Date DSV Total DSV Accumulated P-Days Recommended

Spray Interval

5/30-6/6 6* 43 207 10-days
6/6-6-13 21 64 280 5-days
6/13-6/19 5 69 329 10-days
6/19-6/27 6 75 398 10-days
6/27-7/4 4 79 446 10-days
7/5-7/11 3 82 492 10-days
7/12-7/18 7 89 541 7-days

*Bold text indicates that a preventative fungicide application is recommended. Fungicides are most effective if applied prior to disease development. Follow all label directions regarding application methods, etc. Remember that the label is the law.

Location: Leipsic, Kent Count, Delaware
Green row: May 12, 2013

There have been more reports of late blight in Pennsylvania. To date nothing has been reported in Delaware. Any suspect samples can be sent to the UD Plant Diagnostic Lab or dropped off at your local Extension office. See the 2014 Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations-Delaware for recommended fungicides: http://extension.udel.edu/ag/vegetable-fruit-resources/commercial-vegetable-production-recommendations/.

The website USABlight tracks tomato and potato late blight across the nation and can be found here: http://usablight.org/. Information on scouting, symptomology, and management can also be found on this website.