Pesticide Updates

Joanne Whalen, Extension IPM Specialist;

Metaldehyde Registration on Corn and Soybeans
Since EPA established the tolerances for metaldehyde use in corn and soybeans in December 2013, we have been in contact with both EPA and the registrants concerning the new labels. We have been told that EPA and the registrants are still working on details of the new labels. I have heard that EPA continues to have questions about broadcast and aerial applications on corn and soybeans so I will keep you posted as I hear more.

The good news is that manufacturers have indicated that there are still existing stocks of the old labeled product that will be available for use for slug management on corn and soybeans in 2014. I have a call into EPA and if I hear anything different I will let you know.

Exirel™ and Verimark™ (DuPont )
Both Exirel and Verimark, which contain the new active ingredient cyazypyr, received a state registration in Delaware as of February 15, 2014. Verimark is the soil-applied formulation, while Exirel is a foliar-applied product. Both products provide a new mode of action for control of chewing and sucking insects, including thrips, whiteflies and psyllids.

● Crops on the Exirel label include pome and stone fruit; bushberries; brassica, bulb, cucurbit, fruiting and leafy vegetables; and commercially grown greenhouse eggplant, peppers and tomatoes. Please follow this link to the label for use rates, restriction and insects controlled:

● Crops on the Verimark label include brassica, cucurbit, leafy, fruiting, tuberous and corm vegetables. Please follow this link to the label for use rates, restriction and insects controlled:

Bayer CropScience has notified EPA of a voluntary cancellation of the Calypso insecticide registration, including the technical registration of thiacloprid.

Bayer Crop Science will notify state departments of agriculture and request that Calypso be allowed for use through the existing stocks provision. They plan to maintain state registrations through 2016.