Recent Topics on Gordon’s Blog

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 Recent Topics:

● Consider the “Green Bridge” in Managing Small Grain Insects
● Reducing Grain Drying Costs II – Bin Drying
● Corn Harvest Begins
● Reducing Grain Drying Costs I – Batch or Continuous Flow Driers
● Drought and Stalk Strength in Corn
● New Disaster Program Now Tied to Crop Insurance- Deadline Approaches
● Crop Insurance Changes
● Pricing Standing Corn for Silage
● Plant Protection Act, Patented Seed, and Saving Small Grain Seed
● Equine – Electrolytes in Hot Weather for Horses
● Mid Shore Equine Pasture Walks in Neighboring Maryland
● Full Drought
● Corn Earworm (Podworm) Moth Trap Counts Have Increased
● Dry Corn and Silage
● Current Grain Market Information
● Grain Price Up Across the Board

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