Weed Science Training: Back to the Basics

March 26, 2013      8:30 am – 3:30 pm
University of Delaware Research and Education Center (old office building)
16686 County Seat Hwy.
Georgetown, DE 19947

March 27, 2012     8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Kent County Extension Office
69 Transportation Circle
Dover, DE 19901

UD Extension will be holding  one-day trainings on the basics of weed science. This training will focus on weeds and issues with agronomic crops and commercial vegetables. This is open to those new to the profession or those who are looking for a little refresher.

Topics Include

Weed Biology and Identification
(with live specimens)
This will include a discussion on weed life cycles (annual, biennial, and perennial), characteristics that make weeds unique. Much of this portion will be spent on identifying live specimens and learning to use an I.D. key.

Weed Control Strategies
This portion will include a discussion on cultural, mechanical, biological, and chemical weed control. Cultural control topics will include the effect of crop rotation on weeds, crop management on weeds, and late-season destruction of weed to limit seed production. Mechanical control will include effect of tillage, types of tillage, the use of mowing, etc. for weed management. We will finish this session with a brief overview of chemical weed control.

Herbicide Characteristics and Injury Symptoms
(with live specimens)
This portion will be spent discussing herbicide mode of action, characteristics of soil and foliar applied herbicides. Herbicide mode of action and how this relates to symptoms on crops and weeds will be discussed. A lab on herbicide-crop-weed activity will be included in this section.

Herbicide Regulations
A discussion on pesticide regulations and issues associated with proper pesticide use. Topics to include DE Noxious Weed Law, how to read a pesticide label, pesticide residues and tolerances, rotational issues, pre-harvest intervals, etc

Class starts promptly at 8:30 am and ends at 3:30 pm. Lunch is provided and all participants will receive a free copy of the “Weeds of the Northeast”.

CCA credits: 4 credits for pest management

DE Pesticide credits: 5 credits for PA or 1A and 2 for 03

Please pre-register with Karen Adams at 302/856-7303 x540

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