Agronomic Crop Insects – March 8, 2013

Joanne Whalen, Extension IPM Specialist;

Small Grains
Each year I get questions about Hessian fly in small grains and we do see an occasional field with an economic problem. Most of the new information regarding the management of this insect pest has been developed by entomologists in states to our south where Hessian fly is a perennial problem. A new regional publication, Biology and Management of Hessian Fly in the Southeast, ANR 1069, was released in January and the authors have done an excellent job of covering the biology, monitoring and management of this pest in small grains. You can access this publication at (it provides different download formats) or direct link to a supporting website.

Field Corn
With all of the new BT traits available to producers and different refuge requirements, it is helpful to have a quick reference to the most up to date information. My colleagues from the Midwest have done an excellent job of summarizing the latest information in one simple fact sheet call the “Handy Bt Trait Table.” Their fact sheet provides a quick reference to currently available Bt traits, spectrum of insects controlled, and refuge requirements. They update it frequently so you will want to book mark their site for the latest information.