Cool Season Hay Forage Budgets

Nate Bruce, Farm Business Management Specialist,

University of Delaware has developed cool season hay forage budgets. The budgets may be accessed the associated Excel file. Cool season forages covered in the budgets include alfalfa, orchardgrass, timothy, fescue, orchardgrass / fescue mix, and orchardgrass / alfalfa mix. All budgets are given with a tab that shows estimated expenses and an actual expenses tab for producers to enter their own information. To streamline use of the budgets, expenses are given for both establishment and production on the same tab. If the forage is already established, remove the expenses with number one footnote from your own budget. Revenue in each budget is based on square bale production and prices. Budgets will be updated for round bale production in the weeks to come and be published on Weekly Crop Update.