Herbicide Registration for Vegetable Crops

Mark VanGessel, Extension Weed Specialist; mjv@udel.edu

Dacthal (DCPA) registration has been re-stored. The EPA suspended use in August 2023 because the manufacturer did not supply required data for re-registration. Data was submitted in December of 2023 and registration was restored. New product will be available for this year’s growing season. EPA is continuing with the re-registration process.

Rely 280 (glufosinate) is now labeled for use in cantaloupes, cucumbers, summer squash, watermelon, tomato, and peppers (bell and non-bell); however, it is not readily available. The label covers pre-transplanting applications over plastic but requires 0.5 inches of rain or irrigation before transplanting occurs. Shielded/directed applications for row middles are also allowed. The labels are not available online so if you are interested in this application contact your chemical dealer or BASF representative.

Optogen (bicyclopyrone) has received labeling for broccoli, strawberry, transplanted sweet potato, transplanted watermelon, and other crops. The application method varies by the crop so be sure to read the label. We have limited experience with this herbicide, but studies in 2023 we had poor control of Palmer amaranth and annual morning glory.

Dual Magnum (s-metolachlor) has a state label (24c) for Delaware for use in peppers and transplanted cabbage. The label can only be found buried on Syngenta’s website. You will need to click Crop Protection tab and then Indemnified Label Search (https://www.syngenta-us.com/labels/indemnified-label-search). Labels are listed under individual states.