Will Roundup Ready® Alfalfa Be Back?

It appears that with a Supreme Court ruling a few weeks ago that Roundup Ready® alfalfa will eventually be available for planting. The questions that remain include not only when will this occur but what restrictions will be imposed on planting the crop and in what sections of the country it will be allowed. If you haven’t had a chance to read some of the articles that expound on the Supreme Court’s ruling, please take the time to look them up and read them over. It seems that both sides are able to claim victory from the ruling so it probably means that there will still be a number of months ahead of us before final rules are set in place so that in some areas and under some conditions, we can return to using this new technology. Monsanto has stated that they believe that plantings will be possible this fall while others doubt that this timeline can be achieved. If you’re interested in the technology and for growers who like to grow pure alfalfa hay or who like the ease of a single herbicide for most weed control, keep in touch with the latest developments in this story to know when it will be permissible to plant Roundup Ready alfalfa again.