Spring Planting Weather for 2023

Jarrod O. Miller, Extension Agronomist, jarrod@udel.edu

Figure 1. GDD late spring 2022 and 2023 comparison

Across DE we are about 100 to 150 growing degree days (GDD) behind where we were in 2022 (Figure 1). May has been much cooler than normal and has resulted in slower corn growth, with most fields about one leaf stage behind where we would normally be. If you start side-dressing at V4, which may be warranted with potential sulfur issues being observed, we are at that stage in Sussex County, and should hit V6 by next week.


Figure 2. Accumulated Precipitation Since April 24th

In most years I have seen more rainfall occur across central DE, but this year southeastern DE has seen more steady accumulation. This has also resulted in cooler weather and cloudy conditions that have slowed growth, and in some cases ideal conditions to put equipment on the field. The driest parts of the state remain in New Castle County, with only 3 inches of rain since April 24th.

Use DEOS (http://www.deos.udel.edu/) to keep track of the most recent conditions in your area.