Free Safety Training for Farmworkers

Telamon is offering safety training programs for farmworkers. All the trainings are offered in English and Spanish, and by request can be provided in Haitian Creole and French. The trainings are provided at no cost to the employer.

If you are interested in any of the free trainings listed below for workers on your farm, please contact:
Cheryl Redd
Cell (304) 960-6691

Worker Protection Standard
This satisfies the yearly training requirement of the worker protection standard – a pesticide safety training required by the EPA at agricultural establishments for workers that work in the field where pesticides have been used or will be used during their employment. All instructors have at least a Train the Trainer Certificate from PERC, approval number: EPA WPS TTT W/H 00030.

Heat Stress Prevention
This is an OSHA approved training that teaches workers how to recognize the symptoms of heat-related illness, including heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It teaches what to do to prevent injury, and how to treat someone suffering from heat stroke while waiting for emergency medical help.

Limiting Exposures Around Families
This training is intended for families, or spouses of farmworkers and explains how to protect yourself or family from pesticides in the environment including clothing of a farmworker, or residues that reach the home from spraying by a nearby farm.

José Learns About Pesticides
This presentation is for children and teaches them how to protect themselves from pesticides that may be near the home or on the clothing of their parents who work on a farm. It teaches them to not touch clothing that may be contaminated, not to play with pesticide containers, and to not enter a field when pesticides are being applied or have a “No Entry” sign displayed.