Insect Pest Management Resources Available

David Owens, Extension Entomologist,

During Ag Week, several resources were mentioned that may be of interest.

MyIPM App For Row Crops: pest photos, overviews, cultural, biological and chemical controls with insecticide trade names, rates, and other key information is at your finger tips with the MyIPM App. You can select and download insect pests for Peanut, Corn, Sorghum, Soybean, and Cotton as well as diseases for Peanut. The app is available for iPhone and Android users.

Pest Patrol mobile alerts: This service allows users to receive alerts when voice-recordings from university extension personnel are posted. You can select crops of interest and states or regions of interest. I periodically recorded short clips last year. Please note, if I post something to Pest Patrol, it WILL appear in the Weekly Crop Update.

“What’s On Your Seed” – Seed treatments have been used for a number of years, mostly for protection against seedling diseases. However, there are a number of seed treatments marketed for protection against a range of pests, including insects, nematodes and seedling pathogens, while others promote plant health. The purpose of this publication is to take some of the confusion of seed treatments away, giving you a better understanding of what is on your seed. The list covers seed treatments registered in the state of Wisconsin for use on field corn, soybean, small grain and/or alfalfa seed.

Handy Bt Trait Table for Field Corn:

Handy Bt Trait Table for Sweet Corn: Pay attention to the ‘resistant’ column; only the Attribute II and Attribute Plus lines are ‘worm proof’. Please note, Bt sweet corn will not control stink bugs or sap beetles. There is one Attribute II variety not listed, Quick Trip – bicolor synergistic Triple Sweet. Also note that Milky Way is an Attribute Plus variety.

Insect Pest Management Trial Results and Summaries are posted on our Extension website through 2021 (posted earlier this month). Sorghum variety trials were mentioned and summaries can be found in the 2021 and 2020 books.

Extension Insect Pest Management Videos on the UD YouTube extension page ( created in 2022: “Diagnosing and Identifying Pest Issues in Corn”, “Seed Corn Maggot Control”, “Chemigation in Watermelon”, “Plum Curculio”: Many thanks to Michelle Walfred, Morgan Malone, and Samantha Cotten for recording and editing assistance.