Farewell from Dan Severson, New Castle County Ag Agent

Karen Johnston, NCC Extension Director, krjohn@udel.edu

We want to share with you that Dan Severson has resigned from his position as the NCC Extension agent effective November 4, 2022. As he leaves, Dan would like to share these thoughts with all of you.

“It has always been a pleasure serving as your Ag agent. I have learned a great deal in my interactions with all of you.

I have accepted a position as Extension Agent, Assistant Professor, with Extension at Montana State University. I will serve Pondera County which is in north-central Montana part of the “Golden Triangle” due to its bountiful wheat harvest. Pondera is a “frontier county” that sits at the doorstep to the Rocky Mountains and southern portion of Glacier National Park.

I have always called you my farmers but most importantly, I will now call you my friends. If you are ever out my way, look me up.”

Dan Severson

We wish Dan well in his new position in a new state and are glad to know he remains a part of the Extension family. UD Cooperative Extension is moving forward to re-fill this position as soon as possible. The Search Committee seeks your feedback on current agricultural needs in New Castle County and the state, and to inform the development of the position description for the next Ag Agent. We would appreciate you taking a moment to share your thoughts. Please send your feedback to Karen Johnston, NCC Director at krjohn@udel.edu and/or Carrie Murphy, Search Committee Chair and Horticulture Agent, at cjmurphy@udel.edu or call 302-831-2506 by 11/11/22.

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