Cultivating Resilience Podcast

Maria Pippidis, Extension Educator Family & Consumer Sciences;

Please take a moment to enjoy the Cultivating Resilience podcast, where farm care starts with self-care. In Cultivating Resilience, you’ll hear from real independent farmers on the struggles they face every day, and how they are overcoming them. We’ll provide resources to strengthen your mental health and survive uncertain times. Guests discuss specific stresses that farmers face such as family farm succession, economic burdens, and rural isolation.

Let’s build a community where farmers and ranchers can support each other through the shared experiences of joy and struggle that come hand in hand with working and cultivating land. Be sure to listen, share, and review so that we may continue building this community and cultivate the resilience in the agricultural community. Listen while you’re washing carrots or taking a walk or whenever your favorite podcast time may be. Share it with farmers, service providers, and your friends and co-workers. The podcast is hosted by FRSAN Network members Hans Hageman and Kay-Megan Washington. All episodes streaming.

  • Episode 1: Farm Finances features Cultivemos Network members Valerie Woodhouse from Honey Field Farms, and Maria Pippidis and Jesse Letterman from Cooperative Extension
  • Episode 2: Climate Change Anxiety hears from Wichie Artu from Magnetic Fields Farm and Dr. Nadine Burton from Tallawah Farms
  • Episode 3: Community featuring Ashanti Williams and Arian Rivera of the Black Yard Farm Collective, and Eustacio Mil Quino
  • Episode 4: Family Farming & Legacy featuring Thelma Kiernan, Amanda Dotterer Condo, and Candice Dotterer White.
  • Episode 5: Warning Signs and How to Help with Extension educators Maria Pippidis and Jesse Ketterman and Keith Ohlinger, owner of Porch View Farm in Maryland.
  • Episode 6: Resilience with Matt & Stefanie Barfield of Chesterfield Heirlooms, Jeff Sale from Centurion Farm, Anne Devin from Chase Stream Farm and Rhyne Cureton (@pork.rhyne)
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