Summer Annual Forage Establishment Budgets

Nate Bruce, Farm Business Management Specialist,

Livestock grazing in the Mid-Atlantic region presents unique challenges for producers because of the geographic location (humidity, forage varietal selection, etc.). Regional producers have started to incorporate warm season summer annual grazing forages in grazing systems for annual production because cold season grasses’ growth falters in the summer months. University of Delaware has created establishment budgets for several summer annual grazing forage options commonly found in the Mid-Atlantic region (sorghum, sudan, sorghum-sudan, and pearl millet). The budgets do not contain machinery expenses for haying and creating silage because these machinery expenses can vary considerably from operation to operation. Also, many producers may graze summer annuals and not hay their fields or cut for silage. All forage options have a no-till budget and a conventional tillage budget. The associated PDF has all the budget options. An excel sheet that can be downloaded on the University of Delaware website is forthcoming.

cows in a field