FDA to Hold Public Meetings to Discuss Proposed Changes to Agricultural Water Requirements in the Produce Safety Rule

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be holding two virtual public meetings on the recently released proposed rule “Standards for the Growing, Harvesting, Packing, and Holding of Produce for Human Consumption Relating to Agricultural Water.” The purpose of the public meetings is to discuss the proposed rule, which was issued under the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. These public meetings are intended to facilitate and support the public’s evaluation and commenting process on the proposed rule.

The public meetings will be held according to the schedule below. The times for each meeting have been adjusted to provide persons in different regions of the country an opportunity to comment.

First Virtual Public Meeting
February 14, 2022
11:45 am – 7:45 pm EST

Second Virtual Public Meeting
February 25, 2022
8:45 am – 4:45 pm EST

Links to register can be found at: https://www.fda.gov/food/cfsan-constituent-updates/fda-hold-public-meetings-discuss-proposed-changes-agricultural-water-requirements-produce-safety